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big list of magazines for sale bmx plus ride snap bmx action go

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here is a huge list of magazines, i would rather trade for the magazines on my want to buy list. here ->

all the magazines are in decent shape, i can send pictures i will sell them but would very much rather trade!!

magazines for sale for anywhere between $5-85 each depending on issue and shape it is in.

here is what i have to trade!!!

ride bmx:
1994: oct no cover
1996: april/may no cover, june/july no cover, aug/sept no cover, dec/jan no cover
1997: oct/nov
1998: aug/set, oct/nov x2
1999: april/may (no cover), april/may with cover, july x3, sept x 2, oct, november x2, dec/january x2
2000 feb/march, april/may, dec/jan x2
2001: january, march, april, june, july, aug, sept, oct
2002: may
2004, february
2006: january, march june,august, october,
2007: january, april,may, june, july, august, sept, october x2, november x3 dec x2
2008: january (collector edition) february, march, april, may june, july, august, sept, october, november (issue #150) x3, dec
2009: january/feb, march, april, may, june, july x2, august
2011: jan/feb, march/april, july, sept, dec (rough)
2012: jan/feb, may/june, july, aug, sept
2013: november, december
2014: jan/feb x2, march/april, may/june, aug, sept, oct, december
2015: may/june, nov/dec x3
2016: jan/feb, march/april x3, july/aug x2, sept/oct x2
2017: jan/feb

1983: july
1984: sept, july,
1985: march, april, july, august, dec
1986: april, june, sept,  october, december
1987: february, may, november
1988: july
1989: February, march april, june, july, aug, november
1990: january, october
1991: july,
1992: april, june, october, novmeber, dec x2
1993: jan, feb, may, june, july, august, sept, oct, nov, dec
1994: march, may, june, july, sep, october, nov,
1995: jan, feb x2, march, april june, july, august, sept, oct, nov dec
1996: jan, feb, march x2, april, may, june, july, augu, sept, oct, nov, dec
1997: jan x2, feb, march x2, april x3,may x2, june x2, july x2, aug, sept, oct x2, november, dec x2
2005: feb, april, may, june, july, aug, oct, nov, dec

Ride UK
issue 56 x7, 85, 64 x3, 62, 115 x2, 123, 89,

case mag
issue #4

Super bmx:
1983: dec, sept, nov,
1984: october,
1985: feb, march,
1986: december,
1987: march, june,
freestyle bmx action
nov 1989 issue 1
dec 1989

total bmx:
may 1981, feb/march 1981, oct/nov 1980

bicycles & dirt
issue 1 (no cover)
march 1983, feb 1983, december 1982, april 1984 x2 march 1984, july 1984, august 1984, novel 1983, sept 1983, july 1983, january 1983january 1984

issue 17

easy rider #103

inter bike buyers show guide from 1993

[pb]dirt rag [/b]issue 192, 191, 162

urban veto issue 17
modest bike volume 2 issue 3

bicycle ties issue 16, 3

snap bmx
premier issue
1995: march x2, may, july, nov/dec
1996: jan/feb, march/april, july/aug, sept/oct x2, nov/dec,
1997: jan/feb, march/april, nov/dec, sept/oct ( on cover)
1998: jan/feb, march/april, may, june, july, aug, sept, october, nov/dec
1999: jan/feb, march/april, may, june, august, sept, october, november, december
2000: january, february x2, march, june (no cover) may (no cover) april (no cover), july, sept, oct, december,
2001: feb, april, may

trans world bmx
2001 june 2001 premier issue, july x2, august x3, sept x2, octoberx 2, november december
2002 january, feb (no cover) march july sept

bmx action
august 1984,


1990: feb, march, may, june, august, november, sept, december,
1991: dec, november, oct, may, march, april, january,
1992: march,january,

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So all these magazines are $10 shipped?

uh no.

Still got the GO issues? What's left?

how much for the 1996 Oct issue?

Dibs BMX Plus! September 1997, and March 1998 per PM

Dibs on the March 1985 issue if still available cool

September 1995 BMX Plus dibbed.

Scotty, its shipped! JS47 i   sent you pics!