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Nos Gt Bmx Alloy Pegs Black Ano

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Nos Gt Bmx Alloy Pegs Black Ano

Black Anodized Aluminum with Knurling

26 tpi

Alloy Pegs

Hard to Find New Old School

Contact me if you need 2 pair. Great for a custom build

Free shipping on 3 sets or more

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Dibs on one pair per our PM.

Do you still have two pair

Yes would you like me to send them to you ?.
Pm me and we will get it handled for you .

Do you have white?

Do you have white?

Silver and black only

Shipping included?

Pm me my friend

Your mail box is full. Pm me

Dibs on black

Still have these? I’ll take them

PM sent

Still have any available?? Trying to buy now haha

do you still have a pair available?

Trying to dm but its says full. Hoping you still had 2 pair of these and 2 pair of chrome. Dm me at your earliest convenience.  Thank you