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Profile Titanium Spindle 48 Spline 19mm

Mar 27 '20 12:36PM PDT
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Profile Racing Inc.
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Product Description by Profile Racing makers of the Great American Made BMX Parts. MSRP is a higher price.

GDH TITANIUM CRANK AXLE-19MM 5.625 usually works on most Retro Old School American BBs and Mid BBs.

Like all of our Titanium products, the GDH Ti Crank axle is designed for weight savings which can mean a reduction in strength. It’s perfect for racing, park, flatland, and light street, but if you like to jump down 8 sets and off of rooftops, then you will be better served with our CrMo axle.

-The Ti GDH crank axle does not carry a warranty.

-Uses GDH Crank Tool. Older crank tools will not work.
The Tool Pulls the arems on to the axle and helps with crank arm removal too.
add $20.00 for the crank arm tool.
Includes: Profile Racing chromoly Flush Mount Bolts and washers.

-Includes 6mm GDH  CrMo crank bolts and aluminum flush washers.

Sizes: 5.25?, 5.625?, 6.00?, 6.875?

A. Ti 5.25? GDH Axle (For Track Bikes)
Weight: 149g / 5.21oz

B. Ti 5.625? GDH Axle (For BMX Freestyle Bikes)
Weight: 158g / 5.53oz

C. Ti 6.00? GDH Axle (For 68mm & 73mm external Euro BB’s, Press fit BB’s)
Weight: 165g / 5.77oz

D. Ti 6.875? GDH Axle (For MTB 73 to 83mm Bottom Brackets)
Weight: 199g / 6.96oz

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How often do you ship?

We ship every day. Did you order a spindle? email your name and order number. Thank you!

Email sent, order number 0WL13364JM718834U (Paypal transaction ID, if that's what you meant) and my name, which is actually Ethan Boyle, was included. Thank you!

And it's here with excellent packaging. Thank you very much!!!

Hey brother how are ya? Do you have a spindle that willfit the new Haro Lineage Group 1 cranks byany chance? And if i were to order 2 of them how much would they be? Thanks so much and hope youhave an amazing weekend bro!!

These are designed to fit Profile Racing Cranks. Since they are 19mm 48 spline they should work with most other crank arms that are 48 spline. The length should also be the same as your current axle when choosing a size. Thank you! ACEBMX

I need the jis squared tapered spindle

PM sent Thanks

Hi do you make these in length for a fat ripper?

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