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Shimano DX Reproduction Pedal caps

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High quality plastic. tough and still flexible. I have installed a few and they work great..
Extra $11 for foreign. Price is for 2 caps.

On pic with pedals, top one repro, bottom actual.

Black pedals an example of a set installed on refurbed pedals.
Silver pedals also an example of a set installed on refurbed pedals

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better get them before they're gone!!! these are the quality ones

Thanks you sir for hooking me up with a set. They are killer. Made my bike that much nicer. Plus the sticker pack you sent with it was really cool too.

i want a set to how do we pay and whats the cost to australia i have sent u a message

Just what I needed!!!!  cool

Thanks Gary!

Just paid for a set - thanks Gary!!!

Paid for 2 sets. Thanks.