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Nice Used FBM Steadfast And CB4K For 22" Wheels

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FBM Steadfast frame and CB4K for 22" wheels. This f/f are less than a year old with not a lot of ride time on them. No grind rash as pegs were never installed. Some chain slap marks on the right chainstay. A couple minor scratches here and there and the typical spiderwebbing under the clear coat. There are also some marks on the seatstays and seatstay brace from the out of round tire buzzing them. Fork has marks from installing/removing wheel and some rubber marks from the rubber mallet brushing the steer tube when installing a bearing race. All that being said, this thing is awesome. I tend to overdescribe my stuff so there are no surprises. Frame will come with 19mm bb bearings installed and ship in the original FBM box. Please ask any questions before buying.
I have this listed elsewhere and reserve the right to pull this listing at any time.

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interested if it falls through