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ACS Ft/Rr Brake Bundle BOA & 860's

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Item sold to 805BASSETTBRO (2011-05-24 1:46pm)


1 set ACS BOA front / rear set black
1 set ACS 860 front / rear set silver

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BOA's have "Sealed Mechanism" on them.

BOAs are legit.

Are the boas big bolt or little bolt?

Would you know the diameters of the large and small bolts?   So your saying that they had 2 different diameter center bolts but otherwise looked exactly the same on the outside?  Right now after shipping these are going for about $8 a caliper,  which ones are more valuable, small or large?

The big bolt is 10mm and the little bolt is 7mm?? I think...

Sorry for the delay to all with the big bolt/little bolt question.

The BOA's have the same diameter bolt as every other brake set I have and everything I have measures close to 6mm diameter.  So these are small bolt and will fit every bmx bike mounting hole that exists.

Those are the small bolt BOAs. Pretty hard to come by.

Dibs.    big_smile

Payment sent.  Thanks!    big_smile

Or not.    sad