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"1982 Retro" Blue Skyway Tuff Wheels w/ Flanges NEW

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PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION!!These are newly made wheels (dated 04/10/11) using original NOS alloy flanges from 1982.  Only 35 made in blue.

Skyway Tuff Wheels with Alloy Flanges~! FREEWHEEL model with loose-ball bearings.

In 1985, Skyway stopped producing Tuff Wheels with the rivetted-on flanges.  This was to improve the Tuff Wheel design to make it a stronger, better wheel.  BUT, let's face it.  The old-school FLANGES LOOK COOL!

I've been hounding Ken over at the factory about bringing back the old-school Tuffs with the rivetted on flanges for years.  Looking for a nice weekend project, Ken was able to get an old rivet machine up and running, so he went back into Skyway's vault and pulled out a handful of original, NOS silver alloy flanges that were made in 1982~!  Yes.... you read that correctly... 1982~!!!!!!!!!!!  The hubs- flanges and hardware are all from 1982!

The next thing that Ken did was bring the old Tuff Wheel wheel mold out of storage, and he made up a few brand new Tuff Wheels in BLACK, WHITE, RED and BLUE, and rivetted in those flanges!

EACH WHEEL is marked "1982 RETRO" in marker on the inside of the rim, and are molded with a date-stamp of 04/10/11 on the wheel itself, so they will be easy to tell the difference from actual early 80's production wheels.

This is NOT a production wheel.  Here is what we made using the flanges over 2 very small production runs:
WHITE: 20 sets on 02/18/11, AND 25 sets on 04/10/11.
BLACK: 20 sets on 02/18/11, AND 25 sets on 04/10/11.
RED: 35 sets on 04/10/11.
BLUE: 35 sets on 04/10/11.

This listing here on BMXMuseum is for USA-only customers (due to the shipping calculation).  If you are in another country, please order direct from my site by following the following link- … _1095.html

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too nice...

Sick as FUNK!!!! GLWS

So cool Ed, seriously thinking about these for my 83 Freestyler!

I have only just been thinking the same thing for my Haro... tempting!!

C'mon Ed...make a set of these blue's in 24 :D


Any left? Please let me know....

I hope a set of these pop up for sale one day! I just ordered a set of blue Tuff II's for my '84 Skyway T/A XL ;-) -Keith T.