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NOS 1995 Schwinn ENF

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What is there to say? ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, NEW OLD STOCK, NEVER ASSEMBLED 1995 Schwinn ENF. Exactly as sold (frame/fork/stem/headset/frame saver washers), the decal pack has never been opened! Minuscule spot here and there of shelf wear, it is 20 years old after all.

Also included as a sweetener for your display is an original metal XS dealer sign, 23"x17".

Domestic shipping included, INTL pays actual. Needless to say, this will be packaged to survive the apocalypse.

Sharp eyes will note the Made in Taiwan sticker in the pack as well as the Made in USA sticker- THIS IS A USA MADE FRAME. Why the Taiwan sticker and the 'Read you owner's manual' sticker are in there is a bit of a mystery, but the printer put them in there anyway. BAG IS STILL SEALED.

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OMG where did u find that gem?

Got it from a fellow member a year or two ago. Really don't want to let it go, it's irreplaceable, but real life happens and sometimes we have to narrow the breadth of our lusts hmm


PLEASE scan the decals beofre this sells!! I still need some for my ENF.

Way ahead of ya. Selling it to finance finishing that little project hmm

I can't sleep thinking about this frame and found it on here also. Haha I sent you an email via CL. Hope we can make this happen to help fund your projects and help fund the memories for me. Lol