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1985 GT Pro Series

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1985 GT Pro Series. Great shape. It is stickered with some later Pro Series decals. 18.5TT
Serial #10851032
Hit me up if you have any questions about the item or price.

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Looks like a US made Pro Model. Look for a number 4 stamped on the same drop out at the tail end of the chain stay.

Oh... I see the 4 stamp in the drop in the pic... think you got an 85 Pro Series frame there. Stickers as later for sure.

is it a pro or pro long?? whats the top tube?

Longs are stamped L4

thank you


What's the TT size center?? Thanks


can you please email me @ I can't seem to reach you through the bmx museum site. Thanks, Adam

I'd like to buy this frame

TT is 18.5 guys

Did it sell?

No it didnt. Boldace never replied to me.

Still available?