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Standard Byke Co. 2013 125R 21" Trans Blue

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Item sold to agedwvbmxrider (2017-01-31 5:06pm)


Ok here it is I didn't originally want to sell this one but someone asked about buying it and now i got the bug to sell it, Standard Bykes 125r 21" trans blue, i got this from a guy in Arizona, he only used it very lightly and it was custom made for him, standard geometry frame, it has a few minor scratches and the back drop outs are fine, the only serious scratches on it I tried to take a pic of, its the last pic, the pic makes the drop outs look chewed up, i promise 100% its not, its my camera, it takes bad pics, i rode this one for a really short time back and forth to work, then i took it apart and its been sitting now for over a year, so no hard core jumping or anything like that, and if u want international shipping then please be ready to pay high shipping please. Oh and you can see this frame built in my bike collection, check it out! Thanks.

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