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2013 Subrosa DTT FlaTT frame

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Black Subrosa DTT FLATT frame, 19" top tube length. There's a few minor scratches on it, but it's in overall excellent shape. It's currently built, but the parts will be coming off it and going on a different bike.

Bought on the BMX Museum earlier this year.  It's just too short for me (especially with the forks on it).  Cash from the sale will help me buy an 87 Haro Master, where at least some of these parts will go. 

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Looks like a "DTT FlaTT" frame with 19" top tube length.  Pretty sure that the Pandora DTT had a different brake bridge.

OK.  That's bad when people know your stuff better than you do.  I went back and looked at the messages when I bought it.  You're exactly right.  Updated the specs on it.  Went down and measured it as well.  This helps explain why it's so short. 
Thanks.  smile

Cool. The other clue for me was the gusset.  This is definitely a "FlaTT" with Flatland specific geometry.  I own one too. It is a fantastic frame. They don't pop up for sale very often...

If its got built in chain tensioners it's for sure a Flat DTT. I don't think The Pandoras had those.