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Here are some fresh off the lath lock nuts for your Redline 400 series crank spindle.  These 400 lock nuts were made in a machine shop that my father worked in for 47 years and where my uncle still does.  After showing him my spindle.  He took on the task of helping me fix a problem that has plague me since getting my favorite cranks of all time.  Keeping my spindle tight against the bearing.   So after asking him to make them and agreeing to make them.  He goes "you only want 2 of them."  Well I said he could make more sets for my fellow members on the Museum.  First he said "Who."  After telling him about this kick ass site called BMX Museum.  He then ask me how many I really want him to make.  I stood there with my mouth on the floor when he said he could make me 1k pieces for this much and 2k pieces for this much.  I said "I don't even know if that many were even made"  So I told him I was thinking only a dozen more.  After he stopped laughing and realized I was serious, he decided to go ahead and make me some anyway.  I have been on edge since and went and picked them up today.    Need I say more.  They even have the show finish shine to them.  These 400 series lock nuts have been plated.  So there is no chance of these losing their shine over time.  I think that even if you have your original ones you would still benefit from the show finish look of these.  These are also way beefier than the original ones.  I don't have 1k pieces but I do have some extra sets.  Thanks for the read.  I am just that happy right now.  PM me for payment options.  Free shipping.  Ride-on!



Do you have a double dimple spindle avail?

No Dice.

These are the bomb. Work perfect!

Can he make the spindle for the 400 crank? I need one!!!

Sorry Dude...No Dice

Dibs 2 sets thank u

Dibs a set if it fits my 22mm OD double dimple spindle?

These are not for double dimple spindles.  These are only for Redline 400 series cranks spindles.  I have been told they also work on Harry Leary Turbo crank spindles as well.

Ill buy a set. pm me.

... can't he make a spindle? Please! smile

Sorry dude.  No Dice.

What is the size and thread pitch?  thank you

M19 X 1.0mm

Will this fit the 401 spindle?

No.  But I have one that will.  PM me for details.


No they are not.  They were made from a long rod of Steel.  They are the Real Deal.

They are identical in size to each other?   So it's a pair of identical nuts ( one isn't larger than the other)

Sent you a message thanks

I'll  take a set,thanks

If the price is for two nuts I will take a set. Thanks send PP address.

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