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1987 Haro RS1

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87 RS1 in survivor condition.  Paint and decals have scratches but no dents or cracks.  All works well.  Group 1 seat has a crack, new asahi spokes on wheels, 175mm single pinch cranks w repop sealed bottom bracket.  Sealed bearing pedals  and  a very nice set of Bullseye hubs.  International buyers send me a city and zip and Ill send you a quote but expect to pay a reasonable amount for shipping.  If using buy now, you must pay same day. Offers are welcomed   Thanks


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Dont be shy...offers are welcomed

To be parted soon.

Payment plan available. smile

dibs on stem

I want this bike sooooo bad!  Damn! sad

Lets try this again as a complete smile

This thing is gorgeous

looking for anything?

A few Ben Franklins wink

I may try the part out again so stay tuned...

Nico, I'd like to buy it.  Thank you