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S&M T4 Chrome Race bars new condition

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Item sold to Wyatt'sWorld (2017-12-12 3:39pm)


S&M T4 bars, used them for about a week, no scratches, dents, bends, nothing but brand new looking, I believe these where custom made bars for someone, I bought them from Dans Comp, I have 3 pairs of T4 bars these where my 4th, these are a little shorter then the other 3 I have and the base of these bars are a little wider then my other T4's, never cut also, 26 &  3 quarters long, 6 inches from cross bar to bottom. also very light weight.

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What's the rise from the center of the bottom bar where the stem clamps to the center of the handle?

between 8- 1/2  &  9"

Payment sent, thanks!