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Profile Racing 22mm no boss chrome cranks

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Item sold to Palehorse74 (2016-10-15 5:24pm)


Profile 22mm no boss chrome cranks, was installed on a show bike that was ridin once, so there still brand new, i paid $211. Plus shipping, so u see its a great deal.

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Hey, i have a question for you.. What exactly does it mean when they are "No boss"? I've seen that description on a couple of cranks for sale and finally my curiosity has gotten the best of me and figured I'd ask you, hope you don't mind.

No prob, No Boss means that there is no bolt or nut to hold the the chainwheel to the right crank arm or left, the chainwheel stays in place with what is called a spline drive, so basically the bolt that holds the chainwheel to the arm is not there, its a spline drive now, I hope that helps.

Ahh gotcha, okay that definitely makes sense now. Awesomeness!! Thanks for taking the time to explain it to me, very much appreciated. smile

Anytime bro!

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