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Tioga Competition 3 Skinwall Pair Sale Old School NOS

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1 Tioga Competition III tires are made in size 20x 2.125 wider and in 20 x 1.75. Its common to run 2 of the same size in 1.75".

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1 Tioga Competition III tire in size 20x 2.125 and 1 in 20 x 1.75. New, Reproduction with limited numbers made. $100.00 for the pair. Almost totally sold out and may be no longer in production.

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Is there anyway to just pick up 2 x 2.125?


Is there anyway to grab 2 x 2.125?

Can I get two 1.75s?

Yes I will add the option


I need a fat / skinny combo, do you have that option?
Also, how much to ship to Edmonton AB Canada T6M 1A1?

$55.00 USPS Order at or email your email address.

Your dropdown box doesnt show this option wink

OK option showing now

Drop down does not appear to be working.

How do I buy 1.75 and 2.125 pair?

I would think the most common set up is 1.75 & 2.125. If you can make that an option I’d buy right now too.

What is 49.99?
Is this for a pair of the reissue sets of tires?

Yes a pair for $100.00. See a lower price please let us know the advertising website.

Right here
Do you price match?

Yea you can get 2 compIII shipped to you for $54

I just got 2 sets from albes for 80 bucks

Can we get some skin wall tires in 24x1.75?!

Do you have these in size 20 x 1 1/8
Please let me kno, thanks

yes 1 left at or I can add to here if you want me to. Thanks!