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real nice LAVENDER O.G.K. GT Performer Mags

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Item sold to 80zbaby109 (2016-08-14 8:41am)


This is the good stuff.. Will regret this later.. Real nice set of lavender ogk gt performer mags... Rare wheels in great condition.. There are minor imperfections.. These are not nos but overall really nice and rare. Good luck finding some anywhere else anytime soon.. Hit the buy it now. This sale is for wheels only.

Maybe you have some nos/mint white ogks we can work a partial trade on... But keep in mind buy it now button is up.. Please no low ball offers. Serious offers only over pm please... If you need more photos let me know. Buy it now means pay now or I will have em relisted... Thank you. please check out my other items for sale.

Wheels will be packaged up nice and safe... shipped quickly... Insured and leave it up to you if you want to sign for it; just bc i know sometimes this is a big inconvience...

Price drop 675$ obo

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Good deal cool


Those are sick!! Wish I had the cash I through these on my pro compe I just built


You still got the mags ....