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Stealth Hubs by True Precision INSTANT ENGAGEMENT and Silent!!!

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Stealth rear is a first generation which I cleaned up recently at the instructions of True Precision. Spins smooth and engages instantly. Originally black in color but has faded to darkish brown/black. Doesn't effect performance...think of it as a one off custom color! So I have one disclaimer regarding this hub: although it seems perfectly fine, I have never built or ridden it myself. I have seen some other first gens need to be sent back to True Precision for a proper polishing and restoration. My buddy tells me they did his for about $50 bucks. Again< I think it's fine but would rather you know that, The front hub is a later generation and dang near mint! These hubs sell new for $580+. Asking $375. Most used hub by Olympic riders. This should tell you something. Pics tell the rest regarding any scratches or beauty. Thanks and check out my other offerings.

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Reasonable offers or partial trades welcome. I don't want to scare anyone off by my description. I prefer to be overly cautious and open. They are VERY smooth and engage perfectly as I spin them by hand. The color difference is not nearly as noticeable when the hubs are separated (laced up).'s ALWAYS the "first generation" parts that are worth the most down the road!!! Don't pass this up and regret it later. Regret is an ugly thing...

:cool:  top notch hubs!

what kind of trades are you interested in??

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Mid seventies to 1980 stuff for the most part. I like green money the best:D

Should have room for pm now

Hubs will be at Gold Cup in Desoto, Tx this wkend. Must see to appreciate!