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1995 Haro master

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Item sold to radmeon (2016-07-02 6:53am)


Hi, up forsale is my 95 master, og chrome, new decals 1 small dint on down tube just above decal check pics price inc shipping

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Be a great build for someone!


Nice-I just got a 93 Master Complete off eBay

This looks exactly like the same one you just sold on on June 14th eBay for 100 GBP? neutral

Did that deal fall through?

My first Haro...(weeps), fingers crossed this will still be for sale once my eBay stuff sells but I doubt it. Also, thank you sport123 for not painting the frame and putting retro stickers on it like the guy on eBay did (I think it's still listed).

Paid - please still send me the rest of the pics.