1985 The Real RAD Bike REDLINE RL 20 II Hazzard Yellow

May 28 '16 8:31PM PDT
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1985 RL Osborns Redline RL 20 II BMX
from movie RAD

  RAD turned 30 this year
  Also available is the sequential serial number to this bike shown in pic (Amazing chance of them surviving as a set)

  Hazzard Yellow was a 1985 only color
  Bike was featured in several BMX mag ads   
  Featured in Rad beginning and ending credits 
  RAD movie poster, VHS, Cassette, Lazar Disc     
  RL rode this in many competitions         
                                           youtube.com/watch?v=VgjCAElm4H4         youtube.com/watch?v=UDoIiqXouiA

Arguably the Most popular bike from the peak era of BMX history "mid 80s"
Its the most homage duplicated bike and number plate in BMX.
Complete provenance on this bike available signed by Bob Osborn and Jeff V "Shinglehead" Have autograped RL Osborn plate available as well.
This bikes beyond the phrase Grail used as a moniker in BMX community.
The TRP seat post IS the actual post that was on the bike in 85-6 and was reunited after procuring it from the collector-Thanks looptailnut!
We had been in discussions with Redline as they wanted this bike back (pic of bike is on there website) however after 2 months there board has not been able to close.
This may be the only chance for a private collector to purchase the RAD Bike a Gem of Freestyle BMX History.

$15,000 for RAD bike and $4,000 for serial number bike

Australian Buyers check currency exchange first.
Ships insured actual cost to you or pick up get estimate before paying.
Thank you 
http://uploads.bmxmuseum.com/user-image … 130d27.jpg
http://uploads.bmxmuseum.com/user-image … 132a40.jpg
http://uploads.bmxmuseum.com/user-image … 134236.jpg
http://uploads.bmxmuseum.com/user-image … 1356e7.jpg
http://uploads.bmxmuseum.com/user-image … 136a4a.jpg
http://uploads.bmxmuseum.com/user-image … 137b0f.jpg
http://uploads.bmxmuseum.com/user-image … 138caf.jpg
http://uploads.bmxmuseum.com/user-image … 13a36a.jpg


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Item sold.




At least get some era correct pedals, if you're not going to put the correct ones on it.

Number plate not authentic.  I rode back then.
15,000?  Good luck.

Pedals are worth 10 bucks at most. Why keep listing this bike without all the representation ?

You leave way too much out for the dumb buyer right ?

This guy is mis representing this item for sale.

Buyers beware.

Uhm, if he's misrepresenting...why hasn't something been done?

Isn't this currently on Auction on EBAY...

^^^^ The only reason it's here is to draw attention to the eBay ad.  Seller has three negs on eBay in the last year for pulling the rug on buyers.

Bike = sum off ALL parts.  Since ALL parts are not authentic to the movie RAD this is not the real RAD bike as stated in your sales headline.  This sales ad is totally misleading and always will be until every part is listed along with its origin.  For starters, you should document what parts were attached to the frame & fork when found???

Give the guy a break


Can you say..... Con-Artist?

atascosa I'm not sure where ya rode back then but those plates were around Amigo, must not of seen any. Lol. roll

"Sold" lol

Who bought it?tongue


Sold To A BOZO!!! lol

If the current owner of this beauty sees this message please message me. I'd like to own it.

Thank you,

This IS the actual RAD bike.  Some parts were added to make it more complete though.  I know,  Because I am the 1st owner to the public.   I still own the cranks and the chain wheel and they are original.   The cranks and chain wheel in this photo or not the original.

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