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Nomura 26/24 F/F

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Nomura 26/24 cruiser requires a new home. 

Original finish 26/24” Nomura frame /decals with 26” Bottema forks.

This frame was owned by Tom Cole who was a co factory rider from Oz, it was given to him by Wade Nomura when Tom was over in the states racing in the early 80's. This was a spare team frame BITD. It has had a factory re-welded on the seat mask below the seat clamp. If you want a very unique and sort after bike in your collection this is it, there is only a handful of these around and are rarely for sale. Only 13 built BITD.

I'm looking for $6500K for the frame, forks and wheel set including tires. PM me if you require any additional information.

I will also consider a part trade for JMC stuff (F/Fs, bars, seatposts...).

Also available as a complete for $9000 shipped.

Part list:
26/24 Nomura frame
26 Bottema forks
Chris King sealed headset (Original finish)
Suntour locknut (Original finish)
Pro neck inverted stem (Original finish)
Bars - unknown (could be GT)
Oakley 1 grips (Original finish)
Dia compe brake lever, MX1000 with Mathauser brake pads (Original finish)
Tuf Neck seat clamp (Original finish)
SE seat post (Original finish)
Kashimax MX seat (Original finish)
Profile gen 3 crankset  with profile spider (re finished)
Shimano DX pedals (Original finish)
26” and 24” Araya 7x hoops with bullseye hubs (hoops have been chromed)
26" Comp 3 blue and green label and 24" Comp 3 yellow label

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Wow! Very Nice Jim!

Thanks E


Amazing Bike Jim :cool::cool:


Thanks guys, I'm open to a part trade on this. If the complete is too much for your pocket I would also consider a trade for the F/F only.

very cool

Damn, it's back


Can I have it back? ;)

Get me a few JMC F/Fs Brian and it's yours... :)

rare jewelry ... you have there.

Thanks Boris, this might easier for you to ride around the streets of Berlin the the 20's JMCs...