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Old School 1985 Haro Master Freestyle Bike.

Apr 13 '11 6:37PM PDT
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK
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**PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE AD BEFORE REPLYING**1985 Haro Master in very very nice condition.....( H 8 5 0 9 ).....Original chrome is in great shape.....No cracks.....No rewelds.....New reproduction decals (nice quality decals).....Original Haro freestyle handlebars.....3 Piece Redline Flight U.S.A crank double pinch 175mm.....2 Piece Pro Neck sprocket (44 tooth).....Skyway Tuff Wheel II mags (freewheel).....Diacompe 880 front and rear brakes.....Alltech gooseneck.....A.M.E. TRI grips.....K.H.E. pedals.....K.M.C. Z-chain.....Odyssey seat clamp.....Haro fluted layback seatpost.....Dominator seat (reproduction)**I WILL ACCEPT CASH IN PERSON OR BANK TO BANK WIRE TRANSFERS**No other types of payments will apply**The bike is well worth the price**If you have any questions, Please reply or call me at 1-978-535-4925.....Ask for Rich.


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Item sold.



Give Him A Minute, I Too Had The Same Problem Posting Price ! big_smile

dibs at $0 big_smile

nice deal! hay! the price increased!

very nice bike!!

Damn nice ride!! cool

one beautiful haro!!

Awesome Haro. Oozing BITDness!

Isn't this a beautiful bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Top job mate..

Nice bike if I come across some $$$ will definitely drop u a line soon, sweet!

awesome bike! i wish i had a few...umm actually a lot of $$ laying around. GLWS!!

very nice and non painted 85-86 master are hard to grab by.

Very nice,good price also....

pm me if you decide to part, id take the bars and seat post, you would make close to ur price if parted. cool GL Either way!

Deal like that will sell for sure !  GLWS

Nice bike - how does it ride?  Tuned for riding or show only? smile

Beautiful bike.

Someday, I will have one again. Simply the best machine I've ever been on. … 3cb6b5db03

I am posting this message because of the person who wrote the message just above this one ( and apparently it has me a little pissed off because of the link he put up ).....Some people might think I sold this bike on e bay, and I did "not" sell it.....The person wanted to use paypal to pay for it.....I don't even have a paypal account and I will tell you why.....E bay has the right to take money from the sellers bank account when they need to (I only know this because I spoke with e bay yesterday morning on the phone).....If the buyer was reading the e bay ad a little better, he would have known to contact me first.....The e bay ad said cash in person or contact the seller first....I have bought and sold a few classic muscle cars on e bay and "never had an issue".....This B.M.X ad is "not" a scam and anyone is "more than welcome" to come over too see the bike......At this point, I don't even care if I sell the bike or not.....Feedback or no feedback, I am for real.....If anyone else has an issue with me, besides the guy above me?.....Feel very free to call me.....1-978-535-4925.....Rich.

I think it would have sold if you accepted paypal...
real nice GLWS

Hey Guys,

I know this bike is for real. Ive seen it. In fact, I owned it at one point. Rich is a good guy.

I would do $900, but only through paypal  hmm

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