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NOS Sunn Bogota Forks super rare !!

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  • Posted2016-02-17 3:00pm
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These are the coolest looking forks I've ever seen.
They are built like a tank.
Sunn is a French bike company.
They were made by Apresc.
Very rare, Ive never seen another set for sale ever.
NOS, Mint condition.

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What are the drops?

billyd574, what do u mean ?

they are early 90's and thread less btw.

3/8 or 14 mm?

I've seen very similar fork on a monty trails bike. Are you sure it dosnt take 116mm hub??

cool Nice ! These would look killer on a vdc..

Sunn Bogota forks.
There were with or without brakes bosses.
From 1990's.

Ced4bmx, thanx for the info bro !!