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Haro Series 1B Old School Number Plate Re-issue

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Haro Old School Number Plate New in Haro Number Plate Box. These are the only 2 colors we have in stock. Most all colors are sold out at Haro. The plate in Picture 1 is Blue/Blue. The Blue/Gray is all blue/white/gray. Made in 2019. Please email to Verify Stock Before ordering please.

We still carry old school BMX parts so check out or or call.

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Been off the site for about 4 years and getting back into old school BMX collecting. I'm assuming these plates are remakes and not from the 80's?

It's a remake. Not fond of vendors that put up ads like this. The words are carefully chosen to confuse people that aren't up to speed on the latest repops, etc.

so they are not originals???????????????????

Really? You think hes trying to screw someone over? It says NEW and its $45, Not $250 .

It says "re-issue" in the sale title.

lol definitely says re-issue and y'all crying

Clearly says “re-issue”...

The repops are  nice, I have a couple.  Works well with the old Tech Series numbers

There the same thing from the 80s good stuff for a good price .

clearly says re-issue and made in 2019. notslo is a littleslo.

"Not fond of vendors like this"??? What? Honest vendors with no misleading words and accurate descriptions of items? Those vendors?

Nothing misleading here.  Literally.  Of course if you don’t know what re issue means maybe but what OG Haro group 1 plate is under $200?  It’s obvious either way in 2021 ad.  Could have changed wording at some point.