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Akisu 26" Chrome Cruiser Forks - threaded - 5.5 steerer

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  • Posted2015-12-12 7:26pm
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I have a number of these, I've also sold a #....

None that I have left have the decals on the legs... Some are NOS some look like they were installed. Some have light pitting on legs.

5.5 inch steerers

$60 shipped each.


What's the length of the steerer tube and the length of the thread?

The one with the sticker is close to 5.5 inches for steerer, I have 3 others without stickers on the tube - at least one of them the steerer tube measures 7.25 inches crown to top of tube...

will have to wait to measure threads... the 7.25 inch steerer is uncut...

Will this work on a 4" HT

the one with the 7.25 inch steerer should have no problem. The 5.5 inch steerer may be ok - you'd have to measure with cups in and judge yourself.

Inbox is full.

dibs on fork with 7.25 " steerer tube uncut.

payment sent

pm sent

Payment sent for a pair.