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shimano DX pedals blue or red

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this auction is for one set of Shimano DX pedals you get your choice of 9/16 or 1/2 red or blue the pedals are used and refurbished polished and anodized with new end caps look real nice what you see in the picture is what you get

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Do They come without pins?

Sorry no pins

Are they truly anodized? Or are they spray painted?

they are anodized in clear coated

they are energized and clear coated


What he dosn't tell you is about half the pins are broke off in the holes. Good luck getting them out!

if you purchase a used set of pedals they will cost you $150 and new end  Cap will cost you an additional $50 that's $200.00 and the pedals will be all beat up and scratched so at $170.00 my pedals are a  steal my pedals are not all scratched or  beat up 99% of the scratches have been buffed out-removed you can purchase a set of NOS pedals for $400 so think about it

You would be hard pressed to get $75 out of these on eBay and that would be without any broken clips. GLWS anyway

I've already sold 6 pairs

for $169.00

great price but im pretty sure DX pedals came painted BiTD.

Jeez... haters are out in full force! :lol: I think these are priced great!!! They'll go quickly!

Thanks. Shaun vintage bmx

The red pedals look lavender/purple. What color would you call them and do the caps go in all the way?

I understood that DX pedal could not be anodized due to the steel races installed. How are they coated/colored?

I had a gold pair, I'm pretty sure they were anodized...

The pedals are anodized red light red and clear-coated very difficult to get the right color with parts that are sand casted

The caps fit real nice and are NOS