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1997 Mosh pro XL

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Amazing early 1997 Mosh pro xl (21.25"tt)  linn kastan sig. with kastan stamped forks and mosh stamped bars
that are also stamped kastan. everything on this is like new or very close to it. only frame has some decal
scratches and marks here and there from being moved, stored and rode around on over the years and wheels
have a little wheel brake rub. spoke nipples also show some use from being trued. no rust, no hardware rust.
no dings or dents or repairs. it a little dusty/dirty from being in the garage but will clean up great and look fabulous.

Dk xl (XXL? look at it, its pretty long) stem, Dk micro adjust post, Dk sealed hubs, dk stem pad, profile cranks,
profile sealed hop up kit, first gen profile inferno sprocket, odyssey shark bite pedals, odyssey T1000 hoops,
odyssey flame top pad, jive tentacle grips, tioga tires, specialized flame seat, fsa orbit xlII sealed headset.
mosh frame stamped mexico. forks stamped kastan and mexico. bars have full mosh logo on both ends
and the cross bar is stamped kastan on top and mexico on bottom.

if its here, i have it, no need to ask. no trades on this, shipping to lower 48 only,
add 25 bucks west of texas. insurance is on your dime.

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absolutely beautiful! wish mine was polished!

killer ride dude!

Love this bike!cool

This Mosh frame and fork were made by Giant Bicycles.  As the story goes.  Linn Kastan founder of Redline was looking to begin another strong presence in BMX racing.  He and Pro Racer Jason Richardson joined up and created one of the sweetest American made frame sets ever designed.  He allowed Giant Bicycles to use his design and used their money to finance his venture.  I owned a USA made Kastan and still have this frame set in my collection.  They are nearly identical.  I love the rear drop outs.  They appear to be seamless where they join the seat and chain stays.  If you always wanted a Kastan but can't find one.  Then buy this frame set and be happy you didn't have to pay for an original Kastan.  Ride-on!

This is the last of the "kastan" mexico bikes even if it is a 1997 Mosh.
The only difference is the cutout on the rear drops. Kastan drops are solid.
(i think mexico made both and/or giant did this to remove the kastan stamp.)
It has an early Serial number (0080) and the parts are transition parts with
most stamped kastan and some even stamped kastan and mosh.

All Mosh Kastan's are 1996 models, and they are all made by Kastan in his factory in Mexico, Giant wanted to jump into BMX but knew no one would buy a Giant BMX, and no one would buy a no name Mosh bike, so they paid Kastan to help get the brand off the ground. 97 models featured a designed by Lynn Kastan sticker and then the brand moved away from referencing him.

parting this out. check the swap meet.