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94 S&M Holmes bike

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Selling my clean 94 S&M Holmes! Redneck stem not included! Please look in my bikes for more pics!
-94 S&M Holmes no cracks, dents or damage! Powdered blk with repro decals 21"tt
-OG S&M 1" Pitchfork with repro decals
-OG S&M Slambars mosh guy 27" with clean Jive grips and og VG bar ends
-Super clean og Sun Rhyno Lite rims with Suzue hubs
-OG nice Blue/gry Comp III biggie small tires
-Nice og Sella Turbo seat
-Nice og Primo Rod and GT clamp
-Nice og Profile cranks 177mm and Profile Ripsaw sprocket
-NOS Dia Compe tech 77 lever and clean blk 990 brake, PMC headlock, MXII headset
-Used 4 slot Primo pedals

Please pm any questions and or offers! Open to offers on F&F and parts after F&F sell!
Shipping in lower 48 only.

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I need this thing



Know where I can find some Decals? big_smile
( "1" Pitchfork with repro decals" )

So nice

If you decide you're ok with shipping to the UK let me know and I'll take this