BMX For Sale / Grips / Custom machined billet bar ends- 4 colors + polished. Powerlite or Cut bars too!

Custom machined billet bar ends- 4 colors + polished. Powerlite or Cut bars too!

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Sick and tired of trying to find bar ends to fit inside those aluminum bars? Shedding tears because someone got a new hacksaw for Christmas and thought it'd be cool to trim those bars? Maybe you just like the idea of cool anno bar ends? Either way, I'm your huckleberry. In stock, ready to rock for 7/8 bars, but I'll turn these babies down to your custom spec (for a modest fee of course) and set you up as you need. These are not a Profile product, but once installed the polished ones end up looking very much like the ones Profile used to sell in the 90's.

$25 (shipped) gets you a pair of ANODIZED, not painted, billet aluminum bar ends for 7/8 bars, either normal fully recessed or up to 1/2" extension each side (not recommended with clear grips-you'll see the seam and machining marks). 
$5 more turns them down to fit Powerlite or other aluminum bars (more lathe time=more labor kiddies)
$10 get you full boat, "What does the Fox say? Bling-bling-blingditty-bling-bling-ding-ting-bling-ding" show polish (Show polished Powerlite end illustrated in the example above would be $40 total, with or without 1/2" extension)
Mix and match accent ring at no charge.

See my sawp listing if you lust need plain extensions up to 1"

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These are SOOOO nice!!! big_smilebig_smilebig_smile  QUALITY right here... coolcoolcool