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1987 Haro RS 1

Apr 3 '16 9:23PM PDT
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RS 1 beauty!  Solid bike with most of its original parts and repop bottom bracket from the US that also has the double dimple on it.  Paint and decals have scratches here and there.  SR map-100 pedals w sealed bearing in great condition. Chrome is very good, dropouts are great, Group 1 seat has a crack on top, wheels have fresh Asahi spokes on original Bullseye hubs. No dents or cracks.  I added pics of bike on how I found the bike (pic 7&8). It had Pro neck sprocket, chrome Redline 401 arm loose bearing, pads, and chrome seat post.  It currently has a Redline sprocket, repop sealed BB, repop spindel, black single pinch 401-175mm arms, and 42T sprocket.   I have a set of sealed suzue 36 spoke Araya wheels that I can swap out for less.  These are not part of the above package but can be swapped out.  Offers are welcomed.  11/10/15 I have lowered price.  At this price, I will swap wheels out and keep the Bullseye wheels.


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Item sold.


good luck

Nice, solid old Haro, nice components, too! But not fit-een hun nice, that's on the real, no offense whatsoever implied. I still want the damn thing...

No offense taken. You should have bought when it was 12! Here's another one. Take your pick!


No trades

Beauty indeed - love these bikes! cool

Awesome! How do I buy this bike without my wife finding out I spent $1200 on it?

Dude, it's a badass bike, now I see what you were sayin'! (link)
I think it's a beaut.

Hey dude, PM me if the bike is still for sale and you will ship to Aus. Cheers.

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