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Michelin Cobra fat/skinny (20x2.125/1.75)

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Michelin Cobra fat/skinny (20x2.125/1.75) Both in very good condition. Both were made in France. 80's era.

Price for USA/Canada/Australia (others, ask): 99$ (usd) shipped and insured.
Price for European Union: 67€ shipped and insured.

PM for details and Paypal payment.


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Did you get my earlier email? Hopefully you may consider my £40 offer on the cobra tyres. It's a bit more than my other two cost me, but hopefully I can use them.


Hi, i replied to your PM:

Kezbose wrote:

Lefred wrote:

Kezbose wrote:

Would you be able to do the cobra tyres for 80 Eur? I have an orphan right now, but these may help me while I find another to match mine. Hope you can help. Regards

you mean 80€ or 80$ ? Where are you located ? Tires are listed at 67€ for EU (but feel free to pay 80€... :lol: )
In any case that's my best price and i can't do less, sorry.

Thanks for getting back to me Fred. I have been searching and found others since. I have managed to pick one up at £10 and another at £20. Working on that I think £40 might be more of my limit for these. Have a think about it and see if there is any movement please. Thanks.

Prices are clearly listed at 99$ or 67€. You asked for 80€ then 40£... And i still don't know where you're located... UK ? Price for EU (and UK) is 67€ shipped/insured. It's not too far from 40£... Good for you if you found the same tires at better price, but were they in same condition ? Postage included ? Anyway, no matter the price you got, to each seller its price, mine is 45 + shipping/insurance/Paypal fees/packaging  which makes 67 or 99$ as listed, i won't do less, sorry. Oh and pick up available at 45€ (bargain !!) You're welcome. :D

Not too sure I would need insurance on a pair of Tyres, but I might as well get them anyway if you can sort shipping to UK please. Drop me over your PayPal please and I'll send over my address after that. Looks like I may need an extra set, so it makes sense to get these now. Cheers ps( mine were nos and posted, which I know was a good deal on both) Not sure why I didn't receive notification of your reply. Sorry.

OK, i'll PM my Paypal. Thanks.