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BLUE - BLUE ELF Hubset Velocity Hoops

Dec 8 '15 4:55PM PST
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This sale is for an awesome wheelset.  It has ELF hubs, and well....they are blue.  I don't know about you, but I've never seen blue ELF hubs.  I believe they are from the factory like this.  They are hollow axle, and spin beautifully.  The bearings are super smooth, but the one under the main freewheel is slightly loose.  I am talking about the internal of the cartridge bearing itself, there is no damage to the hub or axle.  So you can run this bearing, but you may want to replace it, but it's not necessary - I am talking about a very small wiggle.  The color looks good, but it is slightly more teal/greenish than the hoops.  They have little imperfections, they are not brand new and have been laced before.  Pictures should make this clear.

The hoops are Velocity Taipan, and the color is fantastic.  There is a scrape in the paint around pic 34, but not all the way through the blue.  These wheels are razor straight (I don't think I ever say that).  I don't think this particular build set was hardly run.  I know for fact it has had tires and was mounted.  In fact, I am thinking about mounting them on our ELF.  Furthermore, if by chance they don't sell, I am seriously thinking about keeping them to put on our ELF, which ironically has silver ELF hubs and ARAYA's.

36 hole, 20".  I base the price in part on a set of wheels that recently sold on Ebay for $370 I think it was with regular silver ELF hubs and RB-17's...  My own humble opinion is this wheel set looks much better.  Enjoy....


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Item sold.


Awesome set!  GLWS! cool

Wow, I like and NEED these... Just need to convince the wife we don't need to make the car payment.

Just remind her of the days you used to ride her around on the handle bars when you were young.  Who wouldn't trade a car for days like that?  Besides, I don't think they come after you for just one 'ol late car payment.

My wife has a blue set on her elf double cross

Exactly.  These are the much more rare version for the female rider.

Show us the double cross....!

I'd be interested in your silver elf hubs if you decide to put these on your elf

Thank you.  To be honest, I don't see that happening.  I would wind up keeping both sets, because the other one is a bit sentimental to me.

How much for just the hubs? wink

You'd have to seriously talk me into that one.

cool Very nice

I still want the hubs... sad

Me too....big_smile  I'd love to hook you up boss, but these things are spoked into really nice wheels...

Not nearly as nice as the wheels I have for them though

If you would love to hook me up, lowering the price would definitely be hooking me up. wink

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