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Profile Billet Square taper 172.5mm with B.P.P. Italy Euro Bottom Bracket. Everything here fits right and spins good. Small scratch on non-drive face can be polished out. You can hardly tell a difference between these and 175mm cranks.  $140.00 Shipped O.B.O  Call Dibs. Paypal Only! Pay as goods to cover your A$$. It's the only way I'll pay so I wouldn't expect you to do any different.

Open to offers... Looking for mini cranks and mini cru wheels and ???

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Any idea when these were made?
PM'd an offer.

Mid 90's. Sold as BMX, Roadie and MTB (with third set of inner ring holes). Beautiful machining on these, miss my set. I should have a catalog scan at home for ya if they haven't sold when I get back smile

Well, on my silly phone, but here's a catalog I picked up because it had these in it. If I remember correctly it was 96.

Thanks Matty! So these should work on an late 80's early 90's Euro BB Mini Cruiser . . .

Yup they'd be a spectacular choice for a mini. I had them on a Hemi 24, but I was on the wrong side of 275 back then and  they'd flex if I put all my weight on both cranks. A normal human? Perfect.

Well, I picked some up in a trade deal a while back (shout out to cmat) and was provided the full color "catalog"- more like a nice 4 page full color brochure - and yes mid 90's...but being the blasphemous "if it looks awesome, and not for a show build, who shives a get when the parts were made" type, I put them on my Old School GHP PRO I.  And they look superb...the PRO I frame has rear down tube/seat stays that are slightly arched and  "blend" or "flow" into the TT, which the slight arch of these arms complimemt quite nicely. And they are super light weight.  They may flex if you are a "spontaneous layback seatpost creator" lol, but at a buck sixty, I have ZERO problems with flex.  Nice.  GLWS!