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sun mistral 7x 20" 36 hole hoops

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sun mistral , 20"  hoops,  7x style , 20"x 1.75" hoops , they lay flat  on both sides , when they were laced they  spun straight and smooth  no wobbles  and hops .   each hoop has original owners name engraved lightly on hoop  the engravings  can be covered  up by  a  sun decal .  sidewalls  are  not  dented or bent ,  they do have  marks  as  pictured .   sold  as is  no returns .

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Dibs as per pm

Dibs as per pm

Changed to active per the seller.

The member who dibbed these sport123 has vanished and will not answer messages . These are for sale again. Do not ask me to hold  them.