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1993 Hoffman Big Daddy SE

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Item sold to 1974billy (2015-07-06 10:27am)


This is a rare 1993 SE big Daddy. I'm selling off all my stuff so here is your chance at a rare Hoffman bike. $4000 shipped US for Canada and US. Not trying to hide anything here just ask before you buy, really getting sick of the collectors of these bikes. Moving on to pez dispenser collection.



GLWS that things mint!

NYCE  cool

wow Dan cant believe your selling it

Who's getting condor ?

Just for record not real paint not se patriots . Don't want to mislead anyone Dan.

sick bike.

Sorry to sound like a vulture but if this beauty ever ends up getting parted-out I'd like first dibs on the bars. Thanks ...

Paint looks pretty real to me not OG powered on it and anyone with half a brain can see there not SE bars.

The paint is not original it's powdered green. So just want guys to know it's not original paint that's all . The forks have been powdered too.

Are they original stickers?
You keen on a nos with minor shelf wear Daffy Duck pez dispenser with cash my way as a trade?

Look at this shiz he is the expert now, your a loser. You better post the rear drop outs have been fixed too and are not hacked out like yours.

Slammer I want the bike, I have the right bars for it and I really don't care if it's been painted before. I think the green looks like crap on these and like I told you before it will be done in chrome.

Decals are mine I made . Dan doesn't give props where it's deserved

Congrats on sale

Decals are mine I made and hooked Dan up with. I don't know anybody named Stu . Sorry . As for my green daddy it was pro rider owned and remains only original painted spec bike known. Bet it's worth more than 3k.

Shiz is a goof that bad mouths everyone behind there backs complete dick head. I guess that's what happens when you still live at home.

Good luck on selling yours I would say $4000 is top dollar for these and chrome looks way better than the John Deere tractor look. Just cause you spent $6000 to build your don't mean your going to get it back but his is coming from a guy that dropped $2000 on black ramp room bars LOL

So what is the price...$3000 or $4000?

I'm confused.

Anyways,good luck on your new collecting venture,but I must say,collecting used condoms from celebrities is far more in demand and profitable over pez dispensers.

Don't say that now a member on here will try and clone Mat for his colection LOL

Messy hahaha

I had to sell it the first bike show I went to with it guys would not talk to me they thought it was the shitztime bike.

I've never seen this much drama on a FS post before


Way to much the great Hoffman war started here lol