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1989 GT Mach 1 frame

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Item sold to slotracer4 (2011-12-05 9:55pm)


I know it has the wrong decals but it didn't have decals when we built it so we picked these up at the bike shop. That was about 15 years ago.
Chrome is in great shape. No cracks or rewelds.
Includes shipping and tracking number to lower 48
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Cool looking.  How long is the top tube?

sorry. 18.5"
I had it decked out hutch, cook bros, boss and bullseye parts for my eldest son and he rode it to  grade school everyday. I didn't know that stuff was collectible. He has those parts on an old qual angle hung at his house. I've kept the fram for over 10 years

That's a great deal!

If anyone wants an exact matching fork to go with this frame there is one listed in this new for sale section.  Seller (mroze1) is open to offers, could have a nice frame/fork set.
89 Mach 1 shared the same fork with the 89 Pro Series bikes.

Matching fork mentioned above has been sold.

I assume theres dents since you didn't mention no dents? Is that correct? Sorry I've just had sellers argue that by not saying there wasn't something(dents) They were basically saying there was something(dents). Thats an awesome deal though.

would you ship to a Scotsman in Australia?


Why is this listed for sale twice?

dibs per our pm:)smile

sale pending to slot racer4 if he's in the lower 48.
If it falls through Ill ship to you Scottish C if your still interested
Hey shaggy - I must have inadvertantly activated an old ad for the same frame. No shennanigans here buddy.