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GT AGGRESSOR TEAM MODEL 1991 ,  it still has the factory  gt pro team stem ,and GT bars, and gt seatclamp , and gt seat , and gt frame and fork  and gt factory 43t disc and 175 gt profile  cranks from the factory, has what looks like newer gyro and new brakes odyssey 1999 front and rear new cables , and gt mohawk hubs laced to zack rims rear rim has a dent in sidewall.  i determined its a early 1991  with left over 1990 parts (stem , sprocket size and crank size,  and seat  ) my guess is  the  kids who tried to strip this down did not have the profile extraction tool to get the arms off. serial number is on rear dropout  with a capital A  , this is  a  u.s.a. built  GT . the handlebars have rust starting on the crossbar  and in tight spots  .   this is a rare bike  only 3 chrome team models in reference section . has 1 lil ding on lower stay as pictured from looks of it i think crank arm may have hit it. Has a tiny little bit of crimp by seat clamp keyhole slot I don't see any cracking. NO DENTS, NO CRACKS, NO REWELDS ,   these are parts that i have  added so Far : GT SKINWALL TIRES MATCHING PAIR IN GOOD  SHAPE , chrome gt bashguard with good plate ,dia compe tech 77 levers japan ,odyssey pitbull black rear brake , sealed bearing cage gt metal pedals with metal bodies, original not repop gt a me grips, gt chrome nos fork standers, gt lay back chrome seat post mint chrome, and 2 sets of gt chrome tube rides, nos black correct gyro cables in package,  a brand new kmc  k710sl silver chain.

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yikes  good price too!

Wow. Nice one. Glws!!

Sexy beast


Dibs as per pm

Nice build!!!

Changed back to active per the seller.

This is still for sale, the guy who dibbed it had me hold it for 3 weeks to only disappear and now it's for sale again don't ask me to hold it


love it bro

really nice if u part out let me know i talk alot from it

W@W that's AWESOME!
As I'm into the 80's stuff
Is price firm?

I'm going to be updating with new ad for this bike with current pictures this week.

The superlace wheel set for this bike are on there way to me nice gt superlace hubs laced to Sun rims , just what came from gt on this bike , price will be going up when they arrive . If you buy before they arrive you will get first dibs at the wheels .

i got the matching decals if u looking for them..