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82 HARO FREESTYLER earliest known serial

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  • Sold2015-03-29 4:46pm
  • Posted2015-03-03 4:08pm
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I have for sale, the earliest known 82 HARO FREESTYLER. Serial 0007. That makes this the FIRST in a long line of not only HARO bikes, but ALL freestyle bikes. It is in good survivor condition. Due to my payment requirements, (no paypal payments accepted on this one) I've had some deals fall through. I will send any serious buyers any specific details or pics.
My payment conditions are firm. I will accept cash, money orders, or direct wire transfers.
I will send the frame anywhere in the world, after payment has CLEARED.
Delivery/ Inspection is built into my price. If need be, I can arrange personal delivery in the US/ Canada.

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From: Milwaukee WI
Signed up: 2012-12-24
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wow very  :cool:

PMed ya!

More power to ya! But this would be one of those "from my cold dead hands" frames...:cool: GLWS!

My blood is buzzin' just lookin' at it!! :cool:

Whoa!  Now this is Bmx Museum material.  This frame really belongs in the Smithsonian.

this frame belongs in my house! not the smithsonian. sweet frame, my holy grail for sure

Bad to the bone

Wow, that's Awesome. Now if only I had an extra 4 Grand laying around. :)  That's an amazing piece of BMX/Freestyle history. :cool: :cool:

"sale pending payment." Thanks, Rick

Build it, and lake jump it!:lol:

Wow, I remember when this frame surfaced many years ago.  The buzz is still alive.

WOW, one of the original bikes that spawned freestyle, whoever owns that gem is one lucky SOB!

Hope you don't mind me asking but did this come from Joe (radbandit)? I know he had what was touted as the earliest Freestyler at one time and just curious if this is the one or if this one is earlier :) I only ask because I'm a Haro guy and like to keep up on my Haro knowledge

Really cool....

The photos should archived/stickied on the site for reference.

Crap! Now I've got drool on my shirt and all over my keyboard. I would love to know who were the early owners of this frame. Does anyone know?

However gets it should tour the country having viewing parties so obsessed people like me (and you) can see it. You know you just want to touch it, don't you?

I'm friends with the original owner. I can trace its history back to the original ordering.

OldsklHaro, this is not the same frame. This is the only single digit serial Freestyler known to exist. It has all original factory applied decals,(which are installed with the downtube stickers opposite of the reproduction frames) I've seen. As stated, I can tell you who has had it from new to now. As many of the articles written have eluded to, this early frame was not offered with a fork. The original owner has confirmed that years ago.  When my friend finally got the frame after a pre-production order, the bike was assembled with parts from his existing race bike. He ran diamondback double dropout forks for a steeper steering angle. It has always been in Milwaukee, WI.

Simply amazing..........other than Bob's personal bike (which does not exist anymore or can never be confirmed) that is the Holy Grail of Haro gear!! :cool:

Well, there goes my last pair of clean underwear...:o

This doesn't completely capture my thoughts at all, but WOWWWWWW INCREDIBLE!!!!!
I also really like the idea of lake jumping this bike....................... after a tour though

TRENDZ,  Thanks for bringing and showing it off at the recent BMX show!!  It was great to see it in person before it leaves the country!

Sold. Thanks for your help Jason.

let me guess, going to australia?

Delivered directly to a US address.:D