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GT Performer 1988 project - near complete

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PICK-UP ONLY. NO shipping.  I don’t have the supplies for shipping right now, & I want to see if I can move some of this locally.  I am willing to drive up to 75 miles from my ZIP code & meet you for pick-up.  I live in suburban Virginia, just outside Washington, DC.

PAYPAL only.  No “gift” payments or anything like that.  Pay normally.

DIBS rule applies.  Call DIBS & Paypal:  No “DIBS pending.”  If you have any questions, PM me. 

No trades right now, but I am open to reasonable offers.  Just need to move this stuff.

I don’t bash your threads, so haters move on.  Everything I’ll be selling will be below what I paid.  & I really don’t want to go to ebay.  OK, now let’s get started.

Selling off a huge portion of my collection, starting with the affordable stuff & working my way up.  If you want a little background on me, *go here:

1988 GT Performer

Great survivor condition.  Near complete bike.  Right now, I will NOT part this out.  It’s too close to complete original condition to do that right now.  I bought this right here in the Museum.  Whoever was the original owner didn’t do any 'serious' riding on it, but most likely kept it outside a lot.  Looks to be original paint & stickers.  Has New Jersey bike store sticker on it.  Rust spots here & there.  Won’t take much to make it look good.  No cracks or rewelds.  Some symmetrical 'dimple crimps' on the rear, which tells me there was a kickstand on this at some point in its life.  Solid set-up right here.  Prime candidate for an easy complete restore (that’s why I initially bought it).

GT parts all around: GT handlebars (uncut & solid), stamped GT sprocket, GT neck/stem, GT seat clamp, GT seat, stamped GT seat post (with old school circle logo), SR 175 Cr-MO cranks that look solid, intact GYRO assembly, ACS brakes, GT mags. GT tires are shot.  Rear tire has 2 flat spots that are worn down to the threads.  I would not ride the tires at all.  I haven’t ridden this bike, so I’m unsure if the GT mags are straight or have a "hop" to them.  Unsure if the pegs are GT, since the side paint is worn off, but they look exactly like GT pegs I have on another Performer.

What you need to make this a complete survivor build: grips, tires, chain & brake adjustment.  Sold "AS IS."


Kickstand evidence:

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yikes killer deal!!! glws big_smile

Thanks, bro.  Appreciate it.  More to come - believe me.  Cheers.  cool

my cusion lives in virginia and im gona see if shes near you to pick it up for me, what part r u in? zip ?  thanks

Thanks for looking.  I'm in Fairfax county, zip 20170, but as stated, I'm willing to drive a distance if you really want it.  Cheers..

FUK that shipping should be a requirement, Just joking Some lucky shhit is gonna luck out smile

hope its me big_smile

good deal....

What a bargain, wish you were shipping overseas.
I hope when it comes time to sell more stuff,that you are in a shipping mood.

I have been looking for a nice GT Performer for some time now and i would be glad to buy your bike for such a good deal,but only one problem. I live in CA...
are you sure you wouldn't consider shipping it when you have the supplies. i would be willing to wait how ever long it takes you to get it shipped.
id love to buy your bike, Thanks..

Thanks for all the comments & interest, guys.  Really appreciate it.  In the future, I do plan on shipping, but not yet.  I need to gather all the necessary supplies. I've already started by picking up boxes @ my LBS (store wants $5 / box roll , but I'll do it) . Next is a trip to my U-Haul store to get boxes of big bubblewrap, packing tape, tape gun, etc., all that good stuff.  Bike is still here & still available.  Cheers.

hypothetically speaking, wouldnt cash be safer for both ends of the deal?cool

I prefer to have a digital record of a sale for both parties, plus I'm working on acquiring shipping supplies for future sales.  Cheers.

nice bro.... huh!!

goddamm that's a serious deal right ther. still, bein in the uk i got ZERO chance.  neutral

still waitin on her to call me back id like to get this .........

therteast - LMK.  Bike is still here & just needs a new home.  Thanks to all for the interest.

FYI, The USPS will actually deliver to your home, all kinds of shipping boxes, tyvek pre taped envelopes, etc. all free of charge,  just to get your buisness rather than you go to UPS!!!  Furthermore, they will offer to come to your house and pick the item up too!!! Look for links to this topic on the Bay.

I live in MD 20601...  LEMME SEE HOW FAR YOU ARE!  wink

I work close to DC ....maybe we can meet up..  wink

if you need bike boxes make a friend at your lbs and have them save empty's for ya plus have em keep the packing material that came on the bikes makes great packing and the stuff is usually FREE!!!!! also man thats a killer price should go quick


Paid.  Sending you an email to discuss pickup.  Thanks.

Thanks Skyway!  Calling you today!

Hoffman1 - you got PM.

10u & poserbmx - thanks for the tips.  Good to know, since I want to sell parts as well.  Cheers.