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2010 Sunday Model C

  • Price$425.00
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2010 Full Chromo SUnday Model C

Thing is damn near perfect...  check the tread on the tires..  did not ride this hard.  No diggers, just rode around and jumped stuff.

Buy this!


Price lowered to $400, but since I can't edit anything, I guess I have to put it here.  :rolleyes:

Nice ride, for 400 you should just keep the bike bro. If I had extra cash I would be all over this thing like white on rice.   good luck with sale

Thanks, love the bike, just need to make some room...  I should keep it, but then it will just sit there, rather have someone ride it. 

Doesn't look like its going anywhere, so I may just be keeping it.

It is a sick f'n bike man I'd keep it :cool: