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Mongoose Pro Class cranks

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Complete.  Ready to install and get gnarly.  Chrome is great.  Threads are great.  Please don't hesitate to PM me for further info or pictures.  International sales will be subject to further shipping charges.

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Charlie Brown
Pro MemberCB Doom
From: St. Petersburg, FL
Country: United States
Signed up: 2007-07-28
Posts: 11506


ive held these in my hands they are bad a$$

That's what she said!  *zing*

Very nice set of cranks! cool

not often this crank pops up, very nice glws.

Again, that's what she said!  lol

You're killin me CB!  lol

I need these.  If I wasnt at work. Dang it.

tearing up as we speak.... i want these too, but 5 bills is steep right now.

pending.....if it falls through, hit me up smile

Holy.... Im speechless... Sweet Crankset!  I need bmx museum mobile....