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1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

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1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour F/F/Bars/Seat Post for sale.  OG Chrome, w/ Re-Pop decals.  Really wanted to build this up, but just need to focus on other bikes right now.

Chrome is pretty darn nice, didn't polish it up, but it looks pretty good!

Let me know if you have any questions


are those Ultrahive decals or AJK?

Not sure, I got them this way.  I was told Ultrahive, but I don't know.

are the bars cut?

You are killing me with that bike. Thats the only other bike I want and do not have!

Nope, I'll measure if you want...

would you be interested in trading for one of my sport f/f/b (86 or 87) and i throw in some $$

maybe, shoot me some pics.  :)

i'm gonna sound like a real newbie, but if i cant figure out how to post them in this thread can someone tell me how (is it the same as submitting a bike) or can i email them to you. if you dont want to post you email on here, mine is

Hmmm you know you want this, dont you?

awe forget it, i cant figure it out.

Old bones..  my email is if you want to try that.

Trav...  I was afraid you'd pull that out..  :lol:  Hmmmm......

maybe i figured this out. i had to sign up on photobucket. if it works i'll put some more pics up.

here are some more of the 86
the last pic shows the only bad place. will have to take close up pics of the 87. man i'm just glad i figured this out  :/

Nice Sport you have there Oldbones!

thanks man, cant figure out if i should restore it or what. fives pft caught my eye and i was thinking i've got three haros so i might let one of the sports go. the 87 is about 95 % og

Nice oldbones1!  I'm not much into restoring anything anymore, if the 87 is OG paint/decals I'll take a look, otherwise I'd rather have the cash.  Thanks!

i understand. my wife says i spend too much time with mine as it is. will try to get some close ups of the 87 on here soon.

^^^^^^^^^  More pics since I can't edit my sale for 7 frickin days...

Pm sent

Shame you don't ship overseas?
Even that Haro would look good sitting beside my other bikes!!

Hello ALL...

I have other parts for this bike, but I need the F/F/Bars/Post sold prior to negotiating the other stuff.  if you are interested, purchase what is here, then we can talk about the other stuff.  I dont' have the time to negotiate with 4 people about the other junk..  need this gone.  First one to pay, gets an awesome deal on a bunch of other stuff if they want.



is it still for sale?