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Hutch Trickstar Forks USA.

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  • Posted2010-12-20 10:23pm
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Here we have a very nice set of Hutch trickstar forks. They are made in the USA and they are very rare. I have only seen these forks on Hutch websites, and the websites even say they are very rare. They have some usuall wear at the bottom edge of the pegs. The threads are beautiful and the dropouts are great. There are washer marks but nothing serious. I would rate these forks a 8 out of ten. If you have any questions pm or e-mail me and we can discuss. I would like to get $300 for these forks. I know it's alot but these are scarce. Thank you and take care.

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Joe Buffardi
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i like the first price listed much better

Me to.. lol

nice. I also have the OG double drilled drops... big_smile

Yeah I have a set with those drops too. 

Yup, I have 2 sets with those drops.   Very nice....

Well you can make me an offer if you would like. I won't bite.

Things may have changed since I posted a thread on these last year, but at the time it seemed most Hutch collectors were unaware that they existed (including myself) and I think a lot of uninformed and weary buyers think they are post production mods. The fact and irony is that these are OG rarities! Unfortunately  this seems to keep the value down sad which sucks.... Still, good luck with the sale big_smile

For the un-schooled out there that are reading about this for the first time HERE, in the words of B.I.G. "If you don't know, now you know..."

Well I appreciate the info NeRDBMX for others who are not sure. I can tell you this. When I recieved this bike It had red mushroom grips on the hutch bars. I removed the grips and found 1981 and 83 nickels on the ends of them. I am pretty sure they are the real deal. Take care all, Merry Christmas.

Do you guys in US not usually have old coins still about then? I have a 1971 penny in the change in my pocket right now... surely those coins could have been put there anytime?! tongue

do you still have them? cool

If you still have them, let me know.