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Red 24x1.75 Limited Edition Odyssey Hazard Lite Wheelset

Jun 23 '14 4:45AM PDT
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK

Unfortunately shipping is a little high from Hawaii, but I dropped the price to $200 to offset a little.
If you want a faster shipping method, you should PM me first and we can go through all of the available options...
I Might trade for new school (2004-2009) FMF frame decals, or FMF carbon cranks, or 24" Answer Sickle forks. PM me to discuss trades.
Please check out my other items as well, and thanks for looking.

Red 24x1.75” Odyssey Hazard Lite Limited Edition Wheelset. Lightly Used.
There are a couple Incidental Shelf nicks, see photos.
Hazard Lite Rims, Vandero Hubs, 10t sprocket. These rims are awesome, read the reviews.
The rear axle is 14mm !
The front axle is 10mm (3/8in) !
PM me any questions or comment below
These rims are super lightweight and very strong.
•  6000 series aluminum
•  32mm wide
•  36h
•  14mm rear axle, 3/8” (10mm) front axle
•  Black spokes, silver nips
$200 and actual shipping.
All sales final
Call Dibs and PM me for Paypal info and shipping price.
DO NOT call Dibs and then shoot me an offer.
If you call dibs, be ready to pay immediately or I will relist after 24hours.
Paypal only.
PM any questions. 
24in 24 24"


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Item sold to OSkoolbmx.


Man these would look bad ass on my immortis lol. Hmmm might have to try to find a way lol

Do you know if the Rear could be converted to a 10mm / 3/8" Axle?
Thank you

Can these be converted to 3/8 axle?

I'm not sure. I imagine you could replace the bearings and axle in the back hub, but no idea where to get those parts. You should be ablebto find it with a little research. LBS might know more...
Sorry that's not more helpful.

Does anyone else know if odyssey, or anyone else, makes a 3/8" axle and bearings that could be swapped on these?

the front is already 3/8", and yes Odyssey makes a female axle conversion that includes 3/8" bolts and 14mm spacers in case you ever put this onto a 14mm frame. very simple job, takes about 5 minutes and there's no need to remove the bearings. … rsion-kit/

I must be losing my mind. I don't remember removing the one bearing when I converted my hub a while ago but I guess I you need to to get the new axle in. my bad roll

remove, yes.
replace, no.

Thank you for the info, blueep! you're the man... big_smile

I may be interested in these... Could you tell me what shipping would be to Winfield Kansas 67156?  Thanks!

Still available!
Shipping is between $40 and $70 depending on the sevice I use and how fast you want to get it.
PM me for options...

Dibs &will pay asap

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