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Bmxmuseum Custom Pendant

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This is a super custom BMXmuseum pendant, mad ein collaboration with my friends brand MS Invader.
the pendant is made from metal, and plated..approx 2 inches tall.
These are a very limited edition piece. less than 25 ever made.
Yes, the design is a seat, attached to a stem, on a comp 3 type heart.. oakley grips on twin sabers.
Comes with a leather strap so ready to wear..When they are gone they are gone.. will NOT be anymore made EVER..

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Nice gary

Very cool G. I would love to have one. Sadly the funds aren't there. sad Crue

Yes very limited, think there were 50 or less made.
Do not wear when riding!! Cheers


I am new to the museum.... but I am an old school rider! Thank you for the web site!!

Saw the quantity was only down to 4, so after years of 'watching" this item, I think it's finally time to get one!!  Thanks GAry!!

You never know... this may be the talisman that will get me directly into BMX Heaven when my final day comes... standing in line at the Pearly (starting) Gates, I'll get pulled out of line... "Oh... I see you're wearing one of GAry's BMXMuseum pendants... no need to wait.. C'mon in!" lol

Thanks GAry!!! I got the pendant today! Very well made!! Very solid!! Looks great hanging from my rear-view! (and thanks for the huge stack of stickers too! - you give them things out more than IHOP gives out pancakes!) lol

For anyone seeing this post... at this time, there are only THREE (3) left!!! Don't pass this up! You won't regret it! Best collectible/accessory you will ever get. I'm tempted to buy the rest and use them as Stocking Stuffers for my local BMX buddies!

Want one!!!