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3pc BMX Chrome Crank Kit-Old School American Bottom Bracket- Everything Needed

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Sunday Chrome Saker 3pc Crank Kit. Everything needed to do a install. Only at Melton's Cycle can you get the whole kit in one place.

This kit looks great on a old School BMX bike.Comes with American BB Cups to fit most bikes made up till late 1990s.

Finally a SEALED Chrome 3pc kit that is affordable.This Sunday kit comes with EVERYTHING needed to install.Chrome 175mm crank arms,19mm spindle and American Bottom Bracket and all hardware.***This is the best deal on the Museum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a SEALED Bearing KIT!!!!!!!

Only At Melton's Cycle***********

ADD all this together and would be over $130.00 Retail************

Crank Arms are 100% Chro-Moly****

Whole KIT!!! Crank Arms,Spindle,American Bottom Bracket and Hardware Kit!!!!!!!!

Melton's Cycle is a rider owned shop.We only deal in BMX Bikes and Parts.

Thanks Lenny

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cool... i like that it even comes with grease.

Does anyone know the weight of these?

I got a set, they feel pretty light to me. I can weigh them later and let you know

Weight drive side 11.6 ounces
Other side 10.9
Spline 9.7

i'm really tempted to get a set of these. is the spindle chromoly as well? (i got my own grease. not in it for the grease anymore). :)

Awesome looking..just have to put the POWER SERIES decals on them to go with my GT

9/16 or 1/2 for pedals

did they ever make these in 180 or 185 for us bigger guys at 6'4

I want these.

how do i pay?

OK looks like my first purchase off this site. EFF-EBAY (even though I do have some stuff on there) Now I need a haro or skyway (new ones) to get my graphites on.