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Araya alloy spoke nipples 14g 16mm BLUE ONLY

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72 per bag.  Araya spoke nipples.  This is not old stock.  These are newly manufactured spoke nipples.  The color is amazing, pics just don't do justice. 
The bags you see in these photo's have 720 nipples in them.  They are not packaged for individual sale. 


Are there 100 in a bag?

Because I failed to specify that there is 72 per bag, you got yourself 100 if you want em.  Editing now


Dibs black & blue

The box I have in the photo above contains enough nipples to build 230 wheelsets.  I have plenty.

dibs and paid for 1 set of gold,Thanks

Dibs and Paid for a Set of Black.  Thanks Again!  wink

Dibs on a gold set
Will pay when i get home an get to my laptop

Dibs / bag of gold and paid.

Dibs / bag of gold, blue, and black.
Payment has been sent. Thanks.

I want to buy your good please read PM

I need black and red if you still have them, please send paypal info, thank you

Sending payment now. Red and Black Please : )

Already pay by paypal for
1.Araya nipple blue  100 pcs per bag.          QTY 1 bag
2.Araya nipple gold   75  pcs per bag.          QTY 3 bag
3.Araya nipple red    75  pcs per bag.          QTY 2 bag
4.Araya nipple black 75  pcs per bag.           QTY 1 bag

Thanks Newt, I will get all of your stuff packaged up and sent out Saturday.

do you have gold nipples left? I need 64

Dibs and paid one bag Gold

I need 36 red  and 36 blue can you do that?

Sure can!

dibs 1 bag of black

I'll take a bag of blue, please....


Paid for blue bag. Thank you!

Just sent payment for the blue nips

Dibs on a bag of red if any availiable.

payment sent on a bag of red cool

yikes lol smile .

1 bag of black case

Do you still have 72 blue, if so will pay when I get home, thanks Eric

Dibs --1 bag of gold. ......PAID

Ill take (1) bag of blue & (1) of gold please, 72 each
please send pay pal info Thanks



As of Sept 23rd I have 6 bags of gold left for sale, am keeping the rest.  Still plenty of the red, blue and black left for sale.

Can I get 2 each blue, red?

I can take care of you whether you need 4 nipples or 4 sets.

Dib and paid 1 set 72 count GOLD nipples.....big_smile...tongue

Good lord! Your movin' some nipples! lol

I need red blue and gold sets please:)

Paid 12 sets of 72. big_smilebig_smilebig_smilebig_smilebig_smile

paid 1 bag of blue

Payment sent, set of blue

1set blue  please,  payment sent

Thanks for the help on the amounts I was in need of.

Paid for a set of red. Thanks man.

Just paid for a red set, thanks!

Dibs one set blue one set black. Thanks
if more gold become available please let me know

No more gold, red or black available.

I need blue & gold 75ct of each.

Well do you have blue left?

Yes, blue is all I have left.

pm sent

Payment sent for 100 Blue

Dibs on a set if Blue

Dibs on a set of blue and black

Dibs 1 set of blue

do you have any red and black left? need one bag each
Send PP info if you do please.
Thank you

Dibs 1 bag. Message sent.

I will take one bag of blue.

I need a set of black and a set of gold if you have them ?

still have some bro? i need a bag of red ones.  let me know thanks

I have about 5 or 6 sets of blue left and thats all I got.

1 set = 72 nips??

Actually 75 but if you need a set for 48s I can sell you 100.

1 set of 75 will work fine

payment for one set has been sent

could I still get 76 of the blue ones? I like a few spares . thanks