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Revcore 1st Gen 9/16 Pedals OEM New Shop Find

Apr 8 '16 11:22AM PDT
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Attention CW/Revcore Collectors....!!! OEM NEW 1st Gen 9/16 Pedals...!!!

I have acquired from the original manufacturer (contracted back in the late 80's/90's here in SoCal) that made parts for Revcore, a stash of brand new pedals. These are slightly smaller than the Pro Models.These are new, never installed retrieved from stored boxes covered with dust and grease. This is the first time these babies have seen light in over 23 years. Since they did not have bearings or bolts, we had to buy new ones. Furthermore, the shafts were unfinished so we contracted a shop to finish the threads. They could use a nice polish (as some have minor shop wear) to get them glowing. These are guaranteed OEM as the owner has been a personal friend of my business partner for over 35 years. I have included photo images of the score. Buy for your collections, show bikes etc...These are the real deal and not some reproduction scam. I am a well trusted seller both on Ebay and here on the museum. Don't miss this golden opportunity. Free shipping each set Lower 48 USA. $50 worldwide and must contact me for paypal information.

In used condition these sell between $150-$200...!!!


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Item sold to mwjbmxguy99.


Great Guy here, buy with confidence folks! Awesome Score Michael!

Cruzr....Thanks for the raving endorsement. Personal transactions between us have always been positive. Thanks again!

nice looking pedals!

Good price...

Im interested, pm sent

these still available? Been posted forever

I'm interested
Pm me

Are these still available? Any more pro stems also? Thanks!

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