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82 redline Proline 2

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Item sold to Shaun Vintage BMX (2014-11-11 7:47am)


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For sale is an 82 Redline Proline with the original tapered forks and headset . It is in original finish, chrome is faded in some areas, brake bridge has a slight pinch, but will not be seen when the brake is on. See pics.  This is the one that has the 5" head tube. Has the small gusset behind the seat post, serial is 508082

other members have said this is a Proline 2

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So nice! I love these.

Man that it sweet


So no international on this?

I will send international for actual shipping costs

PM sent

What's the sn?
Can we get a pic of the fork dropouts? I'm interested in their shape, not necessarily the welds, if you you know what I mean.

Is this frame a Proline or a Proline II,2?

Is this frame a Proline or a Proline II,2?

How can I tell?


The Proline and Proline 2 are the same frame/fork. The model # was a different parts group on complete bikes. That is the only difference, and thus the different decals on the frame.

Looks like a PL20 frame to me. The Proline II frame didn't have a brace behind the BB. I also think these were used on Carreras.

This is Proline 2 as it has the chainstay brace and different fork dropouts.

dibs per our PM smile

Is this sold?

this is still for sale

this is still for sale

uugghh...someone buy it already!!!  I miss mine....(was white though)
    good lord I don't have the room or the funds!  Someone do it!         

I know how you feel I got the shakers again each time I look at it!  Its like a drug!  Give me some proline! lol

PL20 700p?

PM sent.

Dibs paypal ready. Please confirm it's still available.

I hit buy it now. All paid up boss!

congratulations on your  purchase of a proline Carrera I been looking at this bike for a while now I'm hoping to find an sn#  RA one with that same plate