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Redline RL-20II Frame & Fork - Weekend Special!

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Item Description:

Up for sale is this '86 Redline RL-20II, which has been powdercoated in black w/red metallic flake. The fork came off a '85 Pro-Styler. Frame was built up once, so there are some minor marks in the usual locations, but there are no other issues with this set that I can see. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Looks like it has a 510xxx serial with the oval REDLINE stamp underneath the number.

If you purchase this between 9/19/14 and 9/21/14, you will receive a FREE Redline Forklifter number plate!!! (pictures below)

If you would like to purchase this, please call "Dibs" in the comments or send me a private message.

Additional Photos:

Former owner's pic of it built up:

Weekend Special - FREE number plate:



Sweet kit.

So you have all the 86 RL20II's dont start hoarding the 85's I want one someday !!! lol

Nice. never seen one done in solid black.  You should post a pic of it built up.  Probably looked cool if you had those old RED Forklifter bars on it.

I never built it up myself. The former owner did though. I added one of his pics. Hopefully he won't mind.

That's sweet indeed

Nice looking complete.

Will you take payments ?

Sorry, I'm looking for full payment.

Would you take $63 for this frame?
If needed I could probably get another 4 bucks to throw your way for shipping!
LMK Kewl......

smile I may just have to build thing. I have all the parts I need. I could enter this, instead of the Hutch, in the Old School class in the Build Off and have 2 RL-20IIs in the competition. cool

roll that sounds illegal 2 of the same bikes sort of tips the scale in your favor, your sure to win big_smile

I'd probably be doing everyone else a favor. My Judge probably stands more a chance than the RL, since it's going to be almost the same as the Pro Racer that made it into the calendar. Three RL-20IIs entered last year and not one of them made the cut. sad

Larry, send this to me & I'll send $20 a month til I'm done tongue

So tempting! lol

Yes a lease program should work out great hmm  what kind of downpayment would be needed for a 36 month lease ?

lol Lease! Now that would be funny. We need new sections on the forum... For Lease & Want To Lease. smile

What is even better you ask !!! Being the repo man going into peoples houses to take back the bikes lol

LMK if you want this cleaned up & I can chuck any unwanted comments wink

Thanks, but it's all good for now. Maybe the excessive comments will attract people to the sale and someone will end up buying this thing. smile

I've sent this link to others "saying" they wanna buy a RL20II but I can see by this still being here, they don't wanna buy sad

Maybe I need to have a 1-Day sale and lose some money on it, just to get it out of my room.

Seems like everyone wants to buy these days, but nobody has any money lol  BMX Problems...

I have several WTB ads posted currently and still can't seem to track down the parts I need, so it seems like people don't want to sell either. hmm

If I had any of that stuff, I'd be glad to sell it to ya wink

Pm sent!


Great price!!!

Great price +1.  I've got a '85 RL20II but would defiantly be all over this if I didn't

I've got an '85 also, which is why I have no interest in building this one. smile Someone buy this thing already.

Someone buy this already, So I don't lose anymore sleep thinking about it !!!!!!

Woah, new avatar I see. Nice! big_smile I'm thinking I should have just built this up, instead of buying another ProStyler.

smile Thanks You have to rotate the stock or it gets boring!!!
Just build it you can never have enough cool


Giving away a FREE number plate with purchase! This weekend only!! big_smile

Dibs on number plate!!!


Buy now before the holidays come and the price doubles wink

dibs, pending email reply...

This is a sweet deal from a great seller here. You can't go wrong with this combination!!

SOLD to three2eight! cool

Thanks for the kind words James!

Dang I needed that plate

My bad. I hated to give it up like that, but I wanted to get that frame sold. It was sitting around way too long.